Twenty couples applied for marriage licenses from the Wilkes Register of Deeds office Aug. 31-Sept. 4.

Ian Chase Gibson, Hays, and Skylar Renee Huie, Hays.

Matthew Arthur Gibson, Statesville, and Tabitha Ann Gibson, Statesville.

Ruban Grayland Head, Ferguson, and Heaven Leigh Shumate, Ferguson.

Christiane Desiree Gast, North Wilkesboro, and Valerie Trushae Akin, North Wilkesboro.

James Darrell Combs, Ronda, and Kendal Gregory Gibbs, Hays.

Joey Lynn Carico, North Wilkesboro, and Angela Michelle Walker, North Wilkesboro.

Matthew Tyler Greene, Lincolnton, and Baylie Alexis Baker, Lincolnton.

Chance Alexander Freeman, North Wilkesboro, and Alexandria Nicole Henasey, North Wilkesboro.

Lauren Ruth Hollowell, Alexandria, Va., and Brandon Alan Hughart, Alexandria, Va.

Mitchell Avery Brown, Wilkesboro, and Ashley Nicole Teague, Wilkesboro.

Courtlan Davis Widner, Purlear, and Kristen Abigail Smithey, Purlear.

Joe James Griffith, Millers Creek, and Darlene Mullis Spears, Millers Creek.

Jeffrey Michael Allaire, Millers Creek, and Andrea Frances Martin, Millers Creek.

Benjamin Raymond Markoch, Charlotte, and Julia Angela Griffin, Charlotte.

Brandon Owen Adams, North Wilkesboro, and Lindsay Michelle Absher, North Wilkesboro.

Tony Dean York, Wilkesboro, and Kelly Michelle Bumgarner, Wilkesboro.

Jody Alan Porter, Roaring River, and Sarah Nichole Prevette, Roaring River.

Anthony Lee Ericksen, Hays, and Angel Lynn Shumate, Hays.

Terry Gene Warren Jr., Thurmond, and Tammy Annette Weimer, Thurmond.

Brandon Dallas Carter, Elkin, and Miranda Kimberly Diaz, Elkin.

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