ENID PREBOR, left, and Aileen Bentley of Wilkesboro enjoy a special friendship through a mutual love of reading. Mrs. Bentley has been bringing Mrs. Prebor books from the Wilkes County Library for about five years.

Enid Preston Prebor of Brocktown Road in Moravian Falls, now residing at Avante in Wilkesboro, is an avid reader.

At 100 years old, she still reads at least one book a week, even if it takes using a magnifying glass.

Mrs. Prebor, originally from Georgia, Vt., which is near Burlington, Vt., said that she’s always liked to read. “That’s what has kept me going,” she said, “My memories and reading.”

For years, Mrs. Prebor got her books from the Wilkes County Bookmobile, but when the bookmobile ceased operation about five years ago, she found herself without books.

Aileen Bentley of Wilkesboro, a Friends of the Library member, volunteered to bring books to Mrs. Prebor.

“I’ve fallen in love with Enid Prebor,” said Mrs. Bentley, who grew up in Moravian Falls. “For five years, it has been a pleasure to bring books to her. She gives a beautiful testimony.”

Mrs. Bentley said circulation assistants at the Wilkes County Library help her choose Mrs. Prebor’s books. “They are diligent about picking out good books. They always pick out the kind of books she likes. I’m amazed at the speed at which Mrs. Prebor can read.”

Currently, Mrs. Prebor is reading a collection of short stories entitled, “Best Inspirational Stories of the Year.”

She enjoys reading books about things that are real, she said, not make believe stories, as well as Christian authors such as Jan Karon.

Mrs. Prebor shared her love of reading with school children as a foster grandparent at Mulberry Elementary School, after moving to Wilkes County 35 years ago to be with her son and daughter-in-law, Chuck and Tammy Prebor, of Moravian Falls. She believes that staying active is one of the secrets to a long life.

Early life

Mrs. Prebor was born into a farming family in Vermont on July 26, 1915. She was a “daddy’s girl,” she said. “I would go to the barn with him all day long.”

When she was about 3 years old, her parents adopted a little boy, Elwood, who was 5 or 6 years old, “to keep me out from under my mother’s feet,” Mrs. Prebor said laughingly.

The two of them walked to school every day. One memory that sticks into Mrs. Prebor’s mind, is the day she and her brother decided to play hooky from school. It was too nice a day to go to school, said Mrs. Prebor, and the two of them went into the woods with their lunch pails and played in the brook.

However, leeches attached themselves to Mrs. Prebor’s leg and they couldn’t get them off. They had to return home so their father could burn the leeches off with a cigarette.

Their mother wanted them to have a spanking for skipping school. Mrs. Prebor said with a smile, “My easy-going Daddy thought we learned our lesson.”

Mrs. Prebor also said that she saw her share of snow while growing up in Vermont.

One time, she remembered, it snowed so much that her father had to climb out of a second story window to get out and feed their animals.

“We would hold on to a rope from the house and make tunnels in the snow banks,” she said.

Mrs. Prebor received nurse’s training at a hospital in Vermont. She was a nurse for many years. She met her husband, the late Frederick Wilhelm Prebor, through a mutual friend. The two of them worked for the U.S. Navy in San Francisco, Calif., during World War II.

The Prebors had four children, all deceased. She has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Her daughter-in-law, Tammy Prebor, still resides in Moravian Falls, as well as her granddaughter, Lonnie Wyatt and husband, Tim.

Mrs. Prebor’s friends and familly will honor her with a birthday party on Saturday, July 25, 2015, at Cub Creek Baptist Church. “They’ve invited people from Maine, Vermont and all over,” she said.

Mrs. Prebor’s life, full of reading and sharing with others, will be celebrated.

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