James R. Vannoy & Sons Construction Co., Inc. is currently soliciting quotes from interested DBE subcontractors and suppliers for the following project:

Project: DK00286-Wilkes County

Intersection of US 421 and SR 1322 Winkler Mill Rd.

Drainage Installation in advance of TIP Project U-5312

Bid Date: August 27, 2020 @ 2:00 PM—Sub Quotes due by August 26th  @ 3:00 PM

Contact: Doug Moxley

1608 Hwy 221 North—P.O. Box 635, Jefferson, N.C. 28640

Phone: 336-846-7191

Fax: 336-846-7112

Date of Availability: September 21, 2020

Completion Date: November 30, 2021

We have adopted several policies and procedures to encourage the participation of D/M/ WBE firms on our projects, so if you are interested in this project but discouraged by any of its requirements, please contact us. We have special joint pay agreements and even an expedited payment policy for D/MWBE firms, and we encourage to you to contact us to discuss how these procedures can help you on this project. If the bonding, letter of credit or insurance requirements set forth in the bid documents would otherwise prevent you from soliciting a quote please contact us and we will discuss ways that we may be able to help you meet these requirements. Likewise, if you are discouraged from submitting a quote on this project because you think you may have trouble obtaining the necessary equipment, supplies, materials, or any other related assistance or services that may be necessary to complete the work, please contact us and we will discuss ways that we may be able to help you overcome these obstacles. We adopted these policies to encourage the participation of D/M/WBE firms like yours, and we encourage your company to explore and take advantage of them; so please feel free to give us a call in these regards

A meeting has been scheduled for August 18 at 10:00 a.m. at 1608 Hwy 221 N., Jefferson, N.C. for anyone who is interested to ask questions, obtain plans, etc.

Work Includes and we will be accepting quotes for but not limited to: Grading, Clear & Grub, Rip Rap, and Temp. TC, Stone, EC items, Fencing, Pipe Drainage, ETC

Please see proposal for complete listing of bid items. Bid items can be subdivided into economically feasible units to facilitate D/M/WBE Participation. We ask that all Non-D/M/WBE Subs & Suppliers also utilize D/M/WBE Subs & Suppliers to increase our overall WBE Participation on this project.

Be sure to check our website periodically for addenda.

Plans may be obtained/viewed:

www.jrvannoy.com Subcontractor Plan Room

Vannoy Construction-1608 Hwy 221 North-Jefferson, N.C.

https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/Pages/Division11letting.aspx  https://app.panteratools.com#files/share/2DA764B27D No Log In Required-This Link will take you directly to all Bidding Documents



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