The following land and rights of way transfers were filed at the Wilkes Register of Deeds office June 16-23.

Solomon Brooks, Craig Brooks and Helen Brooks to Cameron Pardue and Abigail Pardue, three tracts.

James Adams, Glenda Adams, Albert Adams, Carolyn Adams, Lillian Adams, Lisa Tyson, Donald Tyson and Brenda Dobbins to Brenda Dobbins and Bryan Dobbins, 3.72 acres in Edwards Township.

Jeffery Newman, Denise Newman, Marion Nixon, Patricia Nixon, Sylvia Foster, Phil Foster, Janie Jenkins and Sarah Jenkins to Jeffery Newman and Denise Newman, lots 120-124 in Maple Hill Development.

Sherry Parratt to James Ladd and Jessica Ladd, 37.16 acres, water easement and easement in Jobs Cabin Township.

EXR LLC to Johnny Welborn, 2.056 acres in New Castle Township.

Judith White to Rodney Phillips and Sandra Phillips, lot 66 in phase II of Doe Mountain subdivision in Jobs Cabin Township.

Derek Goddard and Whitney Goddard to John Rash and Darby Rash, 42.926 acres in Doe Mountain Estates in Jobs Cabin Township.

Brian Stiffler and Kathleen Stiffler to Rafael Torres, part of lot 38 in Bell Mountain subdivision, section III and rights of way.

Namon Sheets, Sandy Faw and Scottie Faw to Bobby Owens, land in Union Township.

Kristi Davis, Michael Davis and David Frye to James Washburn, four tracts and right of way in Lewis Fork and Jobs Cabin townships.

Charles Farrington and June Farrington to John Manno, 20-foot right of way in Rock Creek Township.

Charles Farrington and June Farrington to Jerry Whitley and Jennifer Whitley, 3.983 acres in Rock Creek Township.

David Taylor, Melanie Taylor, John Vannoy and Jay Vannoy to Kena Bennett, .398 of an acre in Reddies River Township.

Teresa Smithey and Billy Smithey to Theresa Wagner and Ralph Wagner, one acre in Union Township.

Tammy Miles, Randall Miles, Robin Harrelson and David Harrelson to Greene Ventures LLC, two tracts in Reddies River Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Lonnie Hudler and Tabitha Hudler, lot two in family division for Dustin K. Smith, Monica R. Smith, Lonnie J. Hudler and Tabitha S. Hudler.

Charles Farrington and June Farrington to Randy Whitley and Sherry Whitley, 3.983 acres in Rock Creek Township.

Paul Measimer and Shelia Measimer to Timothy Furr and Teri Furr, part of lot 34 in Bell Mountain subdivision, section II and right of way.

Chris Bulmahn and Amanda Bulmahn to Tim Chatham, 1,179 acres and easement in Elkin and Edwards townships.

Gilly Wall to Lisa Wall, 1.453 acres in Edwards Township.

Kim Barnhart and Russell Barnhart to Bryan Wyatt and Beth Wyatt, lot 123 in Greenstreet Mountain Resorts, R.V. Park, section three in Traphill Township.

Wesley Poole and Bailey Poole to CMH Homes Inc., six acres in Somers Township.

Robert Greene, commissioner, John Willardson, commissioner, Judy Wagoner and Kayla Wagoner to Jesse Pruitt, 66.77 acres and right of way in Traphill Township.

Clint Dowell and Danielle Dowell to John Strozewski and Amanda Strozewski, 2.327 acres in Edwards Township.

Rodney Norman and Emily Norman to Richard Burleson and Tracy Burleson, lot 11 in Boulder Ridge subdivision.

Alexandria Fannon, William Fannon and Caleb Fannon to Peter Moon and Lindsey Moon lot 35-39 ub L.B. Myers map of Dr. C.S. Sink subdivision.

HSBC Bank, Renaissance Home Equity Loan Asset, PHH Mortgage Corp. to Graciela Mendoza, 6.835 acres in Traphill Township.

Nicky Nixon, Margie Nixon, Teresa Salit to Nicky Nixon and Margie Nixon, two tracts and rights of way in Antioch and New Castle townships.

Roger Stikeleather, Julia Stikeleather, Tracy Millsaps, Kenneth Millsaps, Timothy Stikeleather and Angie Stikeleather to Timothy Kelly and Alisha Kelly, lots three and four in Roger Stikeleather property.

Patty Wolfe and Janet Milam to Presley Caudill, 2.37 acres in Lewis Fork Township.

James Faw, Diane Faw, F&S Investments and James C. Faw Revocable Trust of 1998 General Partnership to VP Wheelersburg, three tracts and easements in Rock Creek Township.

F&S Investments, James Faw and Sandra Faw to F&S Investments, three tracts and easements in Rock Creek Township.

Joe Barrett to Joe Barrett and Delores Barrett, 45.25 acres in Union Township.

Lewis Sebastian to Todd Lontz and Jennifer Lontz, six acres in Mulberry Township.

Gary Walsh, co-executor, Misty Blackburn, co-executor, Sallie Wood, deceased, Susan Walsh, Steven Walsh, Bradley Walsh, Brandy Walsh, Monica Ashley, Judy Blackburn, Michael Blackburn, Derrick Blackburn and Brandy Tribble to Michael Walsh, one acre in Boomer Township.

Deborah McKenzie, executor, Bernice Frazier, deceased, F. Edwin McKenzie, Catherine Caldwell, Chad Caldwell and F.E. McKenzie to Salvatore Andolina and Megan Andolina, lot 49 in Lynnwoode subdivision in North Wilkesboro Township.

Keyla Anderson, Keyla Dancy and Michael Anderson to Tamara Wyatt, parts of lots 566-58in block two of Hilltop Acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

CMH Homes Inc. to Charles Taylor, .80 of an acre.

William Kent and Denise Kent to Joseph Tassi and Susan Tassi, lot six in revised map of Malone Bay subdivision.

Throneburg Family Holdings Inc. to Mor Vue, Yang Her, Brian Her and Peter Vang, 27.20 acres in Boomer Township.

Danny Ogle and Teresa Ogle to Danny Ogle, Teresa Ogle, Joshua Ogle and Natayiya Ogle, .42 of an acre in Moravian Falls Township.

Anthony Shepherd and Pamela Shepherd to Kyle Dubuque and Charlene Dubuque, .50 of an acre in Rock Creek Township.

Susan Wagner and Susan Hutto to Brian Key, 2.530 acres in Traphill Township.

Mary Davenport to Courtney Saner, one acre in Wilkesboro Towmship.

David Blackburn and Adreian Blackburn to Daniel Gale and Meyber Santos, lot 12 in block A of Rolling Pine Acres subdivision.

Tonya Felts to Gerry Scwegann, two tracts and rights of way.

Garry Steele and Teresa Steele to Colton Steele, 1.5 acres in North Wilkesboro Township.

Steven Johnson and Alan Johnson to Ashley Shumate and Jason Shumate, 1.15 acres in Edwards Township.

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