Wilkes County’s COVID-19 count by late Sunday morning was 21 confirmed cases, one confirmed death, two confirmed hospitalizations and three recovered, according to the Wilkes Health Department website.

According to the website, “recovered” refers to people diagnosed as having COVID-19 who have improved to the point where they can discontinue isolation.

Demographics reported on the website for these 21 are similar to the 15 positive cases reported Friday morning, including 80% (now 17) are women and 20% (now four) are men. Statewide, it’s almost evenly split between women and men.

The health department website notes that the department isn't able to report the number of Wilkes residents tested or number of negative test results.

“This is due to private practices, hospitals, long term care facilities and some being tested outside the county. We understand that this frustrating, but only positive results and deaths are required by law to be reported to the health department," the website says.

Late Sunday morning, the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services reported the following statewide totals: 8,830 lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases, 299 deaths, 107,894 completed tests, 451 hospitalized and 94 counties with confirmed cases.

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Why is it that other areas are reporting number tested and Wilkes will not? They could at least report the number they are aware of.

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