Stone Mountain State Park near Roaring Gap reopened all campsites, excluding group campsites, on Friday, May 22, via online reservations only.

No walk-ups for camping are allowed to limit contact between visitors and park staff. Make reservations online at or call Aspira at 1-877-722-6762 (call wait times may be long, so online is recommended). Do not call the park; staff cannot take over-the-phone reservation payments.

Backcountry campers must bring exact change ($15 per site per night) and self-register at the trailhead to utilize these campsites, which cannot be reserved online.

Stone Mountain is open for activities such as hiking, running, fishing, climbing, horseback riding and camping. Park hours are 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., with 24-hour camper access via Royal Camp Lane.

Restrooms are available at the upper and lower trailheads. The following areas remain closed: park office, picnic areas and Widows Creek Falls. Bridle trails are temporarily closed as of Thursday due to wet conditions unsafe for horseback riding.

Visitors are urged to visit early on weekends and check park status on the park website or on the N.C. State Parks social media accounts. Parking is limited to keep the park under capacity. There is no overflow parking. The park will be closed to additional visitors once park capacity has been reached for the day.

When visiting, follow social distancing guidelines, regardless of the behavior of others. Stay 6 feet away from other visitors and park staff or wear a mask or face covering. Try to touch as few surfaces as possible and do not enter areas that have been closed off. Wash or sanitize hands before, during and after visiting, and stay home if sick.

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