The Catherine Barber Memorial Homeless Shelter reopened at 6:30 p.m. Sunday with certain new restrictions, said Mary Smith, shelter manager.

The shelter, located upstairs at Crossfire United Methodist Church on N.C 115 near North Wilkesboro, was temporarily closed on April 2 due to concerns about being able to maintain safety of the shelter’s night managers and clients with proper social distancing and other recommended safety measures.

Smith said the following new policies are in place: social distancing, frequently taking temperatures, sanitizing high touch areas and requiring that everyone in the shelter wear a facemask. People staying in the shelter can’t have visitors and no food donations are allowed until further notice. She said hours are the same as before the closure.

Smith said that while the shelter was closed, it provided lodging for 14 different people for 42 bed nights at a local hotel.

These included a 72-year-old lady who had been living in her car outside a local retailer, a person recently released from prison and other local homeless clients, she said.

A former board member stopped to pick up a client who was walking along U.S. 421 on the way to the shelter, not knowing it was closed. This person was housed at a local hotel. The shelter also worked with St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wilkesboro and Wilkes-based Project Lazarus to house individuals.

Smith said needed personal protective equipment was collected for the shelter during the period it was closed.

More details on the Catherine Barber Memorial Homeless Shelter are available on the shelter’s Facebook page or by calling 336-838-7120.

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