The Wilkes County Health Department on Wednesday reported the COVID-19-related deaths of four more people who were residents of Westwood Hills Nursing and Rehabilitation in Wilkesboro when they contracted the virus. 

That makes five deaths associated with a COVID-19 outbreak at Westwood Hills. By Wednesday, 51 residents and 34 staff members at Westwood Hills had tested positive for COVID-19 for a total of 85 cases.

The four deaths announced today include two in his/her 80s, including one who died Aug. 4 and the other Aug. 11. Another was in his/her 60s and died Aug. 1. The most recent death, a person in his/her 70s, died today. Two died at a hospital in Greensboro and two died in Wilkes but not in a hospital.

Another COVID-19-related death of a person who was a resident at Westwood Hills was reported Monday. This person, in his/her 80s, died Aug. 9 at Wilkes Medical Center in North Wilkesboro from complications associated with the virus. 

The outbreak at Westwood Hills was announced on July 23. The initial report from the health department was that 13 residents and four staff people there had tested positive. Willard said that after one staff member at Westwood Hills initially tested positive, 291 people (residents and staff) there were tested. 

Willard said another round of testing at Westwood Hills will start Friday through a partnership with CVS Pharmacy. 

There now have been 16 confirmed COVID-19-related deaths of Wilkes residents.

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