Get well wishes go to all the folks who have been hit with this COVID virus. I’ve heard of more this week so let’s just pray for them and pray that this pandemic will soon be over now that there are vaccines out for it.

Condolences go to the family of Maude Billings Brown, who died Jan. 6 at the age of 102. I loved talking with her and she always had a smile on her face and loved to show off her dance steps. She was the twin of Claude Billings.

Condolences go to the family of Jarvie Pruitt, who died Jan. 9; and the family of Cathy Billings Richardson, who died Jan 7. They will be greatly missed by all who knew them.

Happy birthday wishes go to Lorraine Wiles, Jonathan Wingler, Ricky McGrady, Jacob Johnson and Katherine Bauguess on Jan. 11; Bryson John Gambill and Johnny Johnson on Jan. 12; Breanna Bowers, Keri Behrens and Ashley Francis on Jan. 13; Lucille Wiles and Joe Woodie on Jan. 14; Wendy Porter on Jan. 16; and Danielle Dunn Johnson and Mark Wood on Jan. 17.

Traphill had a low temperature of 28 degrees on Jan. 7 and a high temperature of 53 degrees on Jan. 4. There was two-tenths of an inch of rain and a dusting of snow the week of Jan 4-10. Some places got more snow than we did. Actually we got a dusting and it melted and then another dusting.

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