There will be a benefit luncheon for medical expenses of Jamie Byrd starting at 10:30 a.m. March 20 at Oak Level Baptist Church on Austin-Little Mountain Road. Plates are $10 and will consist of pork BBQ, baked beans, slaw, roll, dessert and drink. All proceeds will go to the Byrd family. Plates will be picked up in a drive around the church.

Traphill Elementary School is registering kindergarten and Pre-K students for the 2021-22 year.

Happy birthday to Elsie Holbrook, Bobby Smith and Carter Reed Kennedy on March 7; Christie Hamby and Anita K. Alexander on March 8; Willie “Bud” Kennedy, Amy Bowers and Casey Prevette on March 10; Jean Blevins and Brenda Bowers on March 11; Tammy Spicer, Jade Videl White, Larry Norman and Marty Shaffner on March 12; Christian Sidden on March 13; and Roger Kennedy, Holly Billings and Cindy Hutchinson Settle on March 14.

Josh and Danielle Dunn Johnson celebrate their first wedding anniversary March 7; Kimberly and Wesley Bowers, 13th anniversary on March 8; and Alan and Pat Sidden, an anniversary on March 14.

Traphill had a low temperature of 28 degrees March 3 and a high of 65 on March 4. There was three-tenths of an inch of rain the week of Feb 28-March 6. Don’t forget to reset your clocks Saturday night. It seems like we just set them back and now it’s time to Spring forward again.

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