Grant recipients

Representatives of organizations that received grants Monday hold ceremonial checks at the Wilkes Sheriff’s Office.

Mike Causey, state fire marshal and insurance commissioner, was in Wilkes County on Monday to award about $500,000 in fire and rescue grants to organizations in Wilkes that provide fire and/or rescue services.

Ted Brown, a Wilkes native and member of Causey’s staff, said considerably more of these grant funds were awarded than normal inn Wilkes, partly because more Wilkes volunteer fire departments have expanded the scope of their rescue service and are purchasing equipment for this.

Grants awarded to Wilkes fire departments for firefighting equipment Monday included: Austin, $23,890; Boomer, $30,000; Broadway, $30,000; Cricket, $20,080; Ferguson, $24,925; Goshen, $6,037; Knotville, $17,963; McGrady, $6,132; Moravian Falls, $30,000; Mountain View, $15,212; Pleasant Hill, $26,216; Roaring River, $21,194; Ronda, $22,959; Shepherds Crossroads, $30,000; Traphill, $24,792; and Wilbar, $9,765.

Several of these departments and the Wilkes Rescue Squad received additional grants for rescue equipment, bringing the total awarded to about $500,000.

Causey presented two Order of the Guardian awards to the families of the late Bob Johnson and Bill Johnson in recognition of the many years both men served as volunteer firefighters in Wilkes. Bob Johnson was in the Moravian Falls Fire Department and Bill Johnson was in the Mountain View Fire Department.

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