The Wilkes Sheriff’s Office is investigating the recent theft of three pickups and other property.

Scottie Allen Anderson of Aaron Call Road, North Wilkesboro, reported that his Ford F-250 pickup was stolen after he left it in the driveway with the motor running on Feb. 26. The pickup, with an extended cab, is worth about $10,000.

Regina Lynn Hodges of Mount Zion Road, Ferguson, reported on Feb. 26 that she found her Ford F-150 pickup missing that morning after using it the prior day. The pickup is valued at about $1,000.

Kellie Dolinger of Arlie Myers Store Road in McGrady reported on Feb. 26 that her Chevrolet S-10 pickup, worth about $1,000 had been stolen.

The theft of a 19-inch flat screen TV, tools, two heaters and other household items worth about $800 from the home of Bryan Schults on Edwards-Cedar Lane in Pleasant Hill was reported on Feb. 26.

Ashley Wood Miller reported on Monday that someone broke into her camper, parked near N.C. 268 West in Boomer, and stole a 22-inch flat screen TV, DVD player, folding table, 9mm handgun, 30-pound propane gas tank, high torque gun, and other items worth about $1,500.

Gilbert Reynolds of Scott Street in Hays reported that 32-inch flat screen TV, gold chain, .22-caliber rifle and other items worth about $500 were stolen from his residence.

Janice Call Vandyke of Fairplains Road, North Wilkesboro, reported Monday that various tools worth about $50 and prescription medication were taken in a break-in at her home.

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